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April 28, 2016 by culinarysavant

Ever needed that extra 6″ of length on your arm to reach that bowl on the top shelf? How about never wanting to pull out the juicer that weighs 20lbs that hides in the bottom cupboard that never sees the light of day? 

Kitchen tongs have been a best friend in the kitchen for many years.  Here’s my top 10 uses for tongs in and around the kitchen.

  1. Citrus juicer/reamer: hold tongs closed and push and twist the end of your tongs into your citrus halves.
  2. Use your tongs when it’s time to turn that hot casserole dish in the oven.
  3. Don’t have time to find which drawer the oven mitts are in to pull out the oven racks? Grip your tongs on the edge and pull rack out.
  4. Tongs make a great carving fork! Hold down your roasted chicken with tongs while you slice that breast.
  5. While your waiting for the timer to go off,  clack them to the beat of your favorite tune 😉
  6. Pop open bottles by catching the inner edge of the tong arm on the lip of the bottle cap.
  7. That mixing bowl on the top shelf that you can never reach? Voila! Tongs.
  8. Sensitive fingers? Pull your toast out with tongs.
  9. Hate chopsticks? Tongs.
  10. Your cat dropped off a present for you? Tongs! 

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