Tip My Hat At Lucca Ravioli Co. in San Francisco Mission District

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September 16, 2012 by culinarysavant


I’m always on the look out for my Italian Specialty Gourmet items when I’m out and about on a Saturday afternoon. It’s just what I do. Recently I have discovered Lucca Ravioli Co., located in San Francisco’s Mission District on Valencia St.

Having been in business almost a century, I think I can trust them to know what they are doing and they do. Take a number as soon as you cross the threshold of this tiny Italian Market Place and get ready to soak it in. It is tiny and every bit of square footage is stocked and merchandised smartly.

The cheese case it stocked with the obvious, but what I was impressed with the most was the raw milk tallegio that I spied in the back and the fresh sheep’s milk ricotta and the ricotta salata, also sheep’s milk. Did I mention sheep’s milk cheeses are my favorite. They also carry Fiore Sardo. Sheep’s milk.
Since there is always a line they preslice the Prosciutto di Parma into 1/4# packets to move the line along. I was very skeptical when I saw this, but it was at a killer price per lb and I tried it. No different. By the shear volume that passes through it’s cut fresh every morning. I feel sorry for the poor kid that is slicing that 16# leg of pork, having sliced many a pound of prosciutto my self.

The grocery items that are stocked are high quality and plentiful. I always pick up my “00” flour for pizza crust (and pancakes, more about those later), Rege tomato Passata, dried bulk penne pasta, olive oils and balsamics, huge selection of imported wines and tasty house made biscotti.

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