Jam On It, Jam on and on


September 14, 2012 by culinarysavant


triple crown blackberry

Dedicating my first post of my first Blog to INNA JAM.

Why I eat this every morning: I love toast. For the love of toast I am saddled by many conserves, preserves, jellies, jams and even cinnamon and sugar. DONT FORGET THE BUTTER. And I haven’t met a marmalade I like yet. Anyone?

I do have a longstanding favorite, Blackberry Jam. Dafna Kory the creator of INNA JAM packs a jar with what she describes as Blackberry Pie. She uses Triple Crown Blackberries from Davis,CA that are grown using organic methods.

I slather my toast with this jewel, stir it into my yogurt or blend up a blackberry shake with the Triple Crown Blackberry Jam. It is bright and colorful and has a beautiful texture with nice chunks of berry.

Maybe I need to talk about butter and the best bread for making toast..hmmmm I see this turning into quite the yummy Blog.

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